"Being technology challenged our firm looked everywhere for a company to help get our e-Commerce site up and running.

We finally decided to go with Web Global Net. They did an amazing job!! They were a pleasure to work with, were very patient with us and gave our company great advise and direction. We would highly recommend Web Global Net to anyone ...."

L. Miller & Company


""We needed an area of our web site for clients to gain access to their financial account information that was secure and provided the historical data they could request on demand.

Web Global Net provided us with a solution that was not only easy to use, but also allowed our clients to download the information directly into an Excel spreadsheet..." ."

GelStat Corporation


Project Management - Web Application Development

Web Global Net employs aSix Sigmaapproach to all project management - to learn more about our Six Sigma Web Application Project Development process please -

Web Global Net Six Sigma Approach to Web application Development

What are the benefits in working with Web Global Net ?

As part of our service to our clients we assign, at no additional cost, a Project Manager to oversee your project, who then will manage the Web Global Net Development Team assigned.

The Project Managers responsibility is to ensure that the assigned programming team understands your needs and acts as your liaison and advocate to ensure that all your project requirements are met.

Each Web Global Net Project Manager has been a programmer and has managed a businesses in the past. This combination of experience allows Web Global Net to understand your business/project needs while at the same being able to properly convey your desires to the development team so that your wishes are understood and followed up on to completion.

Follow through is one of the most important factors during the Project Management development cycle and your Web Global Net Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that all request you make are completed on time and to your satisfaction.

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