Web Development Project Case Studies

In this section we highlight specific web application solutions that Web Global Net has created for our clients.

New Case studies will be added on regular basis and will review our more complex projects

Channel Reseller Invoicing
Wholesale Ordering System
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Open Source Application
Master Registration System


Web Global Net Case Study
Web Global Net

Web Global Net designs custom Web based applications for it's clients, most of which are backend administrative systems, requiring user login and access limitations based on user access levels.

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Project Overview

Wholesale Order & Reporting System:

Our client operates a large Ice Cream franchise business in the Southern New England and the New York City metropolitan area. Prior to Web Global Net creating their wholesale ordering web application all orders were handled via the phone or fax and generally the order process required the involvement of 6 employees.

After the completion of this project the client was able to reassign 4 employees to other functions because Web Global Net was able to streamline the order process and increase the efficiency of the order processing department overall.

Client Specifications included:

  1. Provide their 100+ franchise locations with the capability to reorder supplies/products online 24/7.

  2. Produce - on demand - Daily - Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reports.

  3. Each franchise had the potential to own several locations and each individual location needed the ability to order separately, yet all orders had to be as a sub order for the Master Store Franchise.

  4. Provide the ability for the each location to track their orders and to notify each location when their order had shipped via an automatic email.

  5. Ability to report all orders separated out first by the Master Franchise account and then by each location for that Master Franchise.

  6. Ability to send out automatically monthly invoices for all orders shipped.

Web Global Net Solution Overview:

WGN created an 2 part online ordering application (User & Administration) that provided the following functionalities & features:

  • Wholesaler to create Master Store Franchise accounts
  • Allowed Master Locations to register each store manager to allow them to reorder products.
  • Master franchise location has the ability to set store ordering preferences:
    • Order Approval Requirements
    • Order Dollar Levels per location
    • Email Confirmations
    • Order Cancellation

The Wholesale administration has the ability to do the following :

  • advertise product specials that appeared when all franchises logged in.
  • ability to show multiple specials
  • limit which stores saw which specials
  • approve all transactions prior to shipping or,
  • allow selected franchise orders to be automatically processed
  • create transactional reports based on multiple selectable criteria
  • export reports to an excel spreadsheet in a cvs format to be imported into their offline accounting system

WGN also built into the system an On-line HTML editor that allowed the Wholesaler to create custom product announcements including the ability to upload and display images.

Each time an order was placed the wholesaler received an automatic email with all order details included. The Wholesaler has the ability to select which internal departments received these emails or to set an automatic workflow process that required no intervention.

Internally the wholesaler wanted the ability to create 3 different levels of users:

  1. Administrator
  2. Shipping
  3. Accounting

Each level can be limited internally to what information they where allowed to access.

In setting up the internal user structure in this manner it allowed the shipping department to login and get new orders as they arrived and to process the ship to order. Once the order had been shipped the shipping department would indicate such and input the required shipping information that each stores could then see and monitor their orders progress.

Technology Employed:

  1. PHP 4.4.3
  2. MySQL 4.4.1
  3. Javascripting/AJAX
  4. SSL Certificate
  5. CSS
  6. HTML
  7. On-Line HTML Editor
  8. On-Line Image Editor
  9. Windows Server
  10. User Interface / Graphic Design



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