"We've worked with outsourcing firms in both India and China and had some success, but finding Web Global Net was something we never expected, their rates are not that much different then what we were being charged before, and I can say without a doubt that Web Global Nets work is far superior, is on time and in our case under budget... "

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"We found Web Global Net on the postgreSQL forums and the work they have done for us is outstanding They picked up an application that we had started with an other company, who sadly lacked the expertise they said they had.

Not so with Web Global Net, we told them what we needed done and they did it we couldn't have completed the project without them..."

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Web Global Net's, web application development, project management process is about defining existing internal processes and measuring there effectiveness. Analyzing the results and planning a project that can be executed and verified for delivery to your web site.

It is an extremely powerful approach to developing web based applications which is achieved by being:

  • Project based
  • Systematic
  • Disciplined
  • Data Driven
  • User Driven (internal and external)

Success, however, is dependent on identification and proper deployment of the correct internal resources available, while at the same time properly analyzing any additional resources needed to ensure successful delivery of your project.

No matter how good a Web Global Net solution may be, it is useless if not understood and utilized by its intended user base.

Successful management of your web based project is measured, not in the completion of the required code but instead through the ease of use for both you and your intended users, in other words....

Does the deployment of your web based project reduce your internal costs while at the same time greatly improving upon the level of service your firm provides its users.

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