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Web Global Net has been developing Web based application
since 2001 and has been involved with Web Site development since 1995.

Prior to 2001 WGN was known as MacPRO America established in 1991.

As one of the oldest web development firms in the country we are highly regarded for our level of expertise and our innovative approach to web development. Our ability to help clients from a marketing and sales perspective is only one of the many attributes we bring to the table that sets us apart from other Web development companies.

Our Experience:

Working with Web Global Net gives our clients access to over 15 programmers and web graphic designers with over 80 years of cumulative web development & marketing/sales experience, who know how to create, maintain and enhance a business web site to our clients benefit.

Our People:

All Web Global Net associates are former business owners and/or former Fortune 500 employees.

Business Market Backgrounds of Web Global Net Associates:
Printing IT Services
Manufacturing Product Management
Graphic Design Technical Sales
Financial Services Customer Support

Because of the varied business backgrounds of our associates, Web Global Net understands what it takes to start, build, operate,and maintain a business. It is this sweat equity that you benefit from in partnering with Web Global Net to help with your business web development site needs.


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