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LAMP (Linux - Apache - MySql - PHP)Technology

is an open source Web development platform based on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, a programming language for which Perl or Python is sometimes substituted.

When to use MySQL over PostgreSQL?

First, you need to consider the needs of the applications in terms of database requirements. If performance of your Web application is an issue, MySQL would be the correct choice because it’s fast and designed to work well with Web-based servers.

As developers, Web Global Net works with both databases on a regular basis, and we typically use all the features of a given database in the design and development process. It would not suffice to use PostgreSQL for a database-driven Web site when an application requires speed performance.

Top reasons for using MySQL over PostgreSQL:

  • MySQL is relatively faster than PostgreSQL.
  • Database design is simpler and faster to develop.
  • Content for a web site will be Dynamic.
  • MySQL’s replication has been thoroughly tested.
  • There’s no need for cleanups in MySQL (Vacuum).

Web Global Net has been developing web applications using Php/mysql (LAMP based) since 2000, and we know it completely, but more importantly we understand the correct business applications in which to recommend it as the development platform.

Types of MySQL / PHP Web Applications Web Global Net has developed :

  • Customer Relationship Manages (CRM)

  • Complex E-Commerce

  • Distribution / Reseller Relationship Managers

  • On-Line Catalog Managers

  • File Uploading Managers

  • In-Depth Social Networking

  • On Demand Branding of Print Sales Collateral

  • Blogs

  • RSS Content Delivery

  • On-Line Advertisement Manager

  • Registration Systems

  • Client only Web Content Areas within a Web Site

AJAX as part of Web Application

The hot term today within Web Application development is AJAX. Web Global Net builds most of it's web applications using AJAX but limits its use to where it is appropriate - Ajax is good for dynamic content update within a page. It should not be used to replace the page structure and delivery itself.  Web Global Net uses AJAX in its web application development to enhance the users experience, when appropriate.

There are draw backs to using AJAX, some of which relate to search engines inability to read AJAX delivered content. AJAX should be used when user interactivity will require portions of a web page to be updated based on user selections or feedback. Using AJAX in this type of web application situation means that the web page itself does not need to refreshed. Enhancing the user experience, thereby adding value to your web application itself.

Please see our case studies section (or click here) for a recent overview of several project in which we deployed MySQL using PHP as the object oriented programming environment.

Web Global Net can develop the tables & rules needed as well as define the complex SQL commands required to allow your web based application to run as efficiently as possible at all times.

If you would like to discuss your project to see if the MySQL/PHP - LAMP approach is the correct structure in which to use for your web application project then please click here or call us directly at 800-768-6024.

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