Web Development Project Case Studies

In this section we highlight specific web application solutions that Web Global Net has created for our clients.

New Case studies will be added on regular basis and will review our more complex projects

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Social Networking
Open Source Application
Master Registration System

Web Global Net Case Study

Web Global Net designs custom Web based applications for it's clients, most of which are backend administrative systems, requiring user login and access limitations based on user access levels.

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Project Overview

Social Networking (Similar to a MySpace but more focused):

Our client came to us with a concept and a dream of creating an on-line social network for peopleliving with the HIV virus. The client wanted to create a central on-line community for the exchange of medical information and to provide a unique space on the internet that would be both private and at the same time allow those users who wanted to the opportunity to connect with other HIV users.

Our client had very specific needs and requirements, Web Global Net was able to exceed all the requirments in a time frame that the client needed. Within the first 2 months the site was active over 1,000 users signed up.

The client contacted Web Global Net to help them create and maintain their site.

Client Specifications included:

  1. to create a in-depth social networking site that was flexible and easy to use.

  2. the ability to approve each new user before allowing for full access to the site.

  3. the ability to accept and manage advertisements on the site and to accept tax deductible donations

  4. to provide an on-line Message board system for communications between users.

  5. to provide a level of security by giving the user the ability to create their own mini network of friends .

  6. the abiltiy to provide geographic user networks based on Zip code, City, State, Region & Country.

  7. the abiltiy to upload and categorize medical documents to provide a repository for all HIV related issues that a user could then search and download on demand.

  8. the ability to email all users and to separate out which users to email based on Zip code, City, State, Region & Country.

  9. to provide users with a easy to use yet content specific search system.

  10. the abiltiy to change static information (HTML) on-line editor.

Web Global Net Solution Overview:

WGN created a custom on-line Social Network :

  • Complete historical change log for all changes in the database (add, remove and update)
  • Complete Ad Managment System
  • Complete User Managment System
  • Complete Back-end Adminstration and Page Editing System
  • Complete Friends Based User Profle System
  • Integration of extensive Zip Code and World Region Database system for User grouping and searching

Web Technologies Employed:

  1. PHP 5.1
  2. AJAX
  3. mySQL
  4. Zip Code Database
  5. CSS
  6. Linux Server


From start to finish the project took 75 days to complete which included all testing, client requested last minute modifications and application training.


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