Print Job Upload Manager Lite 3.6.0

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Great Sales tool

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Quick Printers

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Commercial Printers

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Print Brokers

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Print Departments.

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What can the PDM Job Upload Manager Lite
do for print providers?
What can the PDM Job Upload Manager Lite
do for your clients?
  • No Contracts to sign
  • PDM Job Upload Manager Lite
    is an affordable print job upload manager solution.
  • Powerful yet simple tool to
    use and offer to your clients.
  • Print providers and their clients can
    upload & manage print job files in
    real time online.
  • Up to 500 megabytes, and
    5 different file attachments per job
  • Easily integrates into your current web site.
  • Off loads burden of storing print files.
  • Standard package includes
    5 gigs of print file storage.
  • Nothing to install or support - platform independent.
  • Clients can request Quotes or Submit Job Files easily
    using one form.
  • Clients can monitor their jobs progress
    through the production workflow. (Can be disabled)
  • Built-in Quick Status Reports :
    • Internal Job Assignment
    • Sales Rep per Client
    • Vendor Assignments per Job & per vendors
    • Production Work Flow per Job
  • Unlimited Filtering & Sorting for customized reporting.
  • Attach Final Proof & Job Files for Archiving and future use.
  • Customized 15 Form Menu selection options on the fly.
  • Soft Proofing
  • Send jobs to outside Vendors via email with all
    Job information and file links for direct downloading.
  • Much more...


  • Use single easy to complete File Upload, Quote Request &
    Record Update Form.
  • Upload up to 5 files per job or quote, 500 megs total per job.
  • Automatically receive email confirmations for new or
    updated Jobs & Quotes.
  • Provide Job related information in quick to select drop down
    menus :
    • • Layout Application used • Job Title
      • Graphics Application used • Date Job Required by
      • Illustration Application used • Cost Center #
      • Are Postscript Fonts included • Type of Job
      • Are Hi-Res Files Included • Quantity
      • Type of Proof required • Finish
      • Date Proof needed by • Stock
      • Color • Final Output Size
      • Orientation • Bind/Fold
  • Provide On-Line production workflow approvals
  • Approve Quotes Estimates on-line
  • Attach approval comments per job
  • Attach per Job - Print provider notes
  • Access 7 built-in Quick Reports
  • Get Complete Account History
  • Edit previously submitted Jobs & Quotes
  • Re-Order previously completed jobs again / attach updated Job Files
  • Access proof files on screen or via download for Soft Proofing
  • Much more...

Only $24.95 a month



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